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Submissions are OPEN!

Yes, everyone! Submissions are finally open, and we cannot be more excited to see what we get from you all! To better understand the submission process, here's some more information below regarding that:

  • Submissions will open today (May 20th) and close at June 20th, giving you guys a month to send in your writing and art.

  • The theme of this first issue will be "birth", in order to correlate with this magazine finally coming to fruition! Submissions don't have to align with the prompt, but if you already have works correlating to the theme or want to create something new that goes along with the theme, we would love to see those as well. Future prompts will be decided by polls that you, our audience, can vote on, so look out for that with the next coming issues!

  • For more information regarding what to submit and where, please go to our submissions page on our website at You can also use our contact page, or email us at to submit or ask questions! And while you're at it, follow us on Instagram at @gravityroadsreview as well!

In any case, send us your work, and we can't wait to see your submissions!

Thank you,

the Editorial Board

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