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  • To submit your work, send an email at, with the subject line as the genre(s) of the piece you are submitting and your full name. (ex. Edgar Allen Poe, Poetry/Prose)

  • Writing and art submissions must be in a .pdf or docx. format, and each separate work must be in an individual document.

  • In your email, send us a biography up to fifty words.

  • Put content/trigger warnings on the work you're submitting if needed, out of courtesy.

  • gravity roads review will not publish any kind of plagiarism. If you are unsure if your work contains these elements, then we require citations of any direct quotes or images used in your piece.
  • In addition, we won't publish works promoting discrimination towards any marginalized groups, be sexism, racism, homophobia, and more.
    • NOTE: if the guidelines above are not followed, your work will not be considered for publication. Be sure to check that both your work and your email follow these guidelines.​

  • If you are published with us, your rights to your work belongs to you after publication, but you must mention us in any future platforms your work in our journal appears in.

  • We accept both simultaneous submissions and previously published work, as long as you cite where you the work you're had been published before


  • Submissions are currently OPEN from May 20th to June 20th!

  • The prompt for this issue is "birth", but future prompts will be decided through polls, so look out for that with the coming issues!

  • While we would love to see work correlating with the prompt, you don't only have to submit work that goes with the prompt! We would love to see any and all works you want to submit, regardless of whether they go with the prompt or not.


  • Prose: send from one to five short stories for submission. Maximum length is 20 pages.

  • Poetry: submit from one to ten poems. 

  • Visual Art: visual art includes drawings/paintings, sculptures, photographs, or anything you think qualifies. Submit from one to ten works of visual art.

  • Music: because this is an online publication, video and audio can also be included. If you have a video or audio of you singing, send from one to five of those. If it's a cover of a song, indicate what song you're covering. 

  • Film: similar to music, video can also be included in this publication. Submit from one to five short films. Maximum length is twenty minutes.

  • Reviews: we also accept any reviews of horror-themed books, movies, shows, and any other type of media. Submit from one to five reviews. Maximum length is five pages. 

Thank you for reading, and happy submitting!

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